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Please turn on your speaker if you haven't already done so.

There are three games on this page: TicTacToe, ThreeSixNine and ThreeSixNineTwelve.



After a game is finished, click anywhere on the diagram to start a new game. If you continue playing, you and the computer would have the first move alternately. 

The following game is called 'Three-Six-Nine.' It is a game that we all loved to play in school when we were young. While writing this Java applet, I couldn't help but had a feeling of nostalgia, and was absorbed in the memory of my primary school days...

I wrote this applet as an exercise in writing Java programs. It is not free from the so-called 'horizontal effect,' and as such cannot be considered to be a strong program.

The rules of this game are simple:
Click on any empty square, and a cross will appear in the square. If, upon making that move, a row and/or column of exactly three, six or nine crosses is formed, you get respectively three, six, or nine points. The goal, of course, is to garner as many points as  possible.

Note, however, that in this game the player with the first move has a substantial advantage over his/her opponent. Therefore, after heeding Kuen's advice, I have added 21 points to the second player to make the game more even. If you win, you will get a big round of applause from the computer. See if you can.


In case you find the above ThreeSixNine game too easy, try the more challenging ThreeSixNineTwelve. This time the first player will be given 30 points in advance.


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